Global Investment & Tech Events – Team Denominator

Over the past 2 months, Denominator’s Growth Team attended 16 events including high-profile events at the forefront of investment and technology across the globe. These experiences have provided Team Denominator with valuable insights into the latest market trends and allowed for the exchange of ideas with top-tier peers.  

The journey began with Hendi attending the Pensions Europe conference in Brussels, followed by Anders at the Dubai Fintech. Joey then traveled to Japan for the RI Japan and after attended FIC Asia in Singapore, whilst Emma engaged in dialogues at the A-Team’s ESG Data & Tech Summit London. 

It was thrilling for Denominator to see the global recognition of the importance of social considerations. It was particularly motivating to see diversity and human rights emerging as crucial topics across both the financial industry and the tech & data space. These conversations highlighted the growing consensus that social sustainability is essential for long-term value generation. 

Denominator, covering over 3.5 million public and private companies, is the largest social data and insight provider. Such a comprehensive data set brings transparency to the social dimension of sustainability empowering informed decision making and unlocking the potential of social commitment. 

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