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Denominator is an international company with people in almost every part of the world; we are all different, but all the same. The same can be said about our clients and partners. We approach our job with empathy, curiosity, and a desire to create the best possible data and insights to facilitate knowledge and accountability-based solutions within Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion.

By introducing some of our people, we want you to get to know us a little better.

We see diversity as a strength and are constantly looking for great minds. Please contact us no matter your background or situation if you would like to be considered for the team.

A holistic approach to DEI

DEI covers multiple different dimensions. Gender, race, ethnicity, age, engagement, opportunity, and disability are some of the dimensions, but the list is much longer. As a consequence, a holistic approach is essential when discussing, measuring, analyzing,or assessing DEI.

Most DEI efforts only focus on a single or maybe two DEI dimensions. A single or narrow approach to DEI leads to lost opportunities and minimizes the return on DEI investments. Denominator is the only provider that takes a holistic approach in all efforts and work as the guardian of neutral influence between the DEI dimensions.

The comprehensive approach entails that we measure and score on more DEI dimensions and sub-dimensions than any other company in the market. That allows us to assist our clients to manage risk, identify opportunities and create sustainable improvements.

Our DEI Statistics

Denominator has more than 10 different nationalities with people from South America, North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

56% Female and 44% Male

Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, and Atheism

Average age is 33

47% Asian, 33% Caucasian, 13% Middle Eastern, and 7% Hispanic

Married, Relationship, and Single

Economics, Law, Political Science, Data Science, Engineering, Information & Communication Technology, Business Administration, and Architecture & Urban planning

Change is Constant


London, United Kingdom

Stockholm, Sweden

Copenhagen, Denmark

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