Denominator at Davos

Last week, Denominator had the opportunity to speak and share DEI data and scores at various events and sessions during the virtual World Economic Forum. We had hoped to meet our partners and new inspiring people physically in Davos, but circumstances wanted it differently.

With all things considered, we still enjoyed many great sessions joined by many exciting people. This year’s official program was filled with many interesting topics, including ESG Metrics for a Sustainable Future. Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion is key to measuring the social part of ESG and we are happy that we had the opportunity to share Denominator’s DEI data and ratings at multiple events during the week. 

DEI & ESG were some of the top topics and we would like to send a special thanks to the Female Quotient, Wood, and the World Economic Forum for bringing together so many people to discuss these important topics. 

To mention a few, our CEO, Ander A. L. Rodenberg, spoke at the Wood House @ Davos’ session on ESG metrics for a sustainable future joined by 

Ann Rosenberg (Wood), Nick Jarritt (Wood), Mathias Wikström (Doconomy), Matthew Bell (EY), Bobby Compton (Duke University), Adriana Pérez (Wood), Robbie Epsom (CBRE Investment Management), Christa Gyori (Leaders on Purpose), and Amandine Leroy (Manaos). 

Denominator also joined at The Female Quotient’s Equality Lounge @ Davos together with 

Marsha Trant (Avanade), Gretchen O’Hara (Microsoft), Tricia Nelson (EY), Sámi Ben-Ali (Wood), and Ann Rosenberg (Wood). 

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