Denominator partners with Rimes to empower investment decisions with Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion data and scores

2022 November 1, New York, London – Denominator announces today that Rimes has selected Denominator as a partner for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI), and Human Capital data.

ESG investing is bringing new opportunities for investors looking to align investments with their values, create a more sustainable future, generate alpha, or allocate capital based on a new way of assessing risk. In tandem with the growth of the ESG investment market, there has been an increased need for granular data on the E, S, and G pillars for enhanced decision-making and informed risk and impact assessments.

For years, the availability and quality of data on the Social ‘S’ have been lacking. Denominator fills the gap by providing investors access to the world’s largest database of standardized DEI and Human Capital data, covering more than 1.5 million public and private companies, 85+ industries, and 190+ countries. The Denominator database spans an unprecedented 650+ Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) specific data variables.

Anders Rodenberg, CEO of Denominator, highlights that “In February this year, Principles for Responsible Investment stressed the need for incorporating DEI into investment strategies. This partnership, combining Rimes’ technology and Denominator’s data, makes it easy for asset managers and institutional investors to do so. At Denominator, we share Rimes’ passion for solving complex data challenges and are therefore very happy about the partnership and working with Rimes’ innovative clients.”

Patrick Walsh, Global Head of Content Management at Rimes, comments: “Rimes provides ESG data management solutions to many of the world’s leading asset managers and institutional investors. Our clients are continually reaching out to us to help them find, curate and standardize the very best ESG data sources. Denominator’s DEI data is a great addition to our data universe.”

Denominator is the leading provider of DEI data and scores. The partnership allows Rimes’ clients to access and gain new insights from DEI data and scores on publicly listed companies across the globe. The database covers 15+ dimensions of DEI such as gender, race/ethnicity, sexuality, disability, age, etc. across executive, board, and company levels. The data granularity fuels the world’s most comprehensive DEI rating models which enable comparison of companies and portfolios across the world.

Denominator’s DEI data and scores drive transparency and global comparability for investors looking to bolster social & human capital insights in their portfolios’ ESG considerations. As a niche dataset that compliments existing ESG data in the market, Denominator’s dataset can be integrated into existing ESG methodology, used to conduct DEI portfolio analysis, create derived social investment products, used for stewardship and engagement, and more.

About Denominator
Denominator provides fact-based data and standards to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) across organizations, industries, and countries to enable a more balanced world for growth and improved human interaction. Denominator covers more than 1.5 million public and private companies, 85+ industries, and 190+ countries on 650+ DEI specific data variables. The data and analytical insights drive the most comprehensive DEI rating models and indexes, creating the global standard for measuring DEI performance.

About Rimes
Rimes provides transformative data management, ESG and investment intelligence solutions to the global investment community. Driven by our passion for solving the most complex data problems, we partner with our clients to help them make better investment decisions using accurate information and industry-leading technology. Headquartered in New York and London, Rimes serves its global clients through offices in Europe, Americas and Asia Pacific.

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