Denominator in Davos for World Economic Forum 2023

Davos was back in full attendance and what a week! We met inspiring people from a diverse set of countries and industries and engaged in many meetings and sessions. From talent acquisition & retention, innovation, or investment perspective, DEI was central in most.

We would like to highlight the Female Quotient’s Equality Lounge as one of the top events during the week of World Economic Forum. Shelley Zalis and her great team once again created the forum for all people and companies who share the mission of improving equality for women, minorities, and younger generations.

Data from Denominator shows that on average women still only constitute 20% of senior executives and 25 % of boards on the largest companies globally. We have a long way to go, but we now also see the power of data and accountability. At an Equality Lounge 2 years ago we shared that the Renewable Energy industry was behind the global benchmark on a number of DEI dimensions, however, as of 2023 the industry has caught up with the global average. Although we are far away from parity, it is a positive development as these companies play a crucial role in climate action and creating the right solutions.

Anders discussed “A World Driven By Climate Action: How Women and the Next Generation Will Lead Us There” with great insights from the amazing panel consisting of

  • Karin Lanz, Founder and CEO, LANUR
  • Sven Hackmann, Chief Strategy Officer, Citizens Companies
  • Emma Wheeler, Executive Director, Head, Women’s Wealth, UBS Global Wealth Management
  • Claudia Edelman, Founder & Chairwoman, We Are All Human
  • Wendy Woods, Vice Chair Social Impact, Climate & Sustainability, Boston Consulting Group

You can also hear the explanation of why you rarely hear Anders use words like “amazing” and “awesome”. Watch the full session here.

In Davos, we participated in many exciting events and discussions focusing on the importance of DEI and had great opportunities to share our data and insights on DEI data. It has been amazing to meet many awesome people who share our mission, and we want to give special thanks to Hispanic Promise at Microsoft, Hub Culture, PensionDanmark, APCO Worldwide, The Wall Street Journal, SDG Tent, Bain & Company, Swedish Lunch, Goals House, POLITICO, Project Everyone, Forbes etc.

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