Denominator x DEI Club: Empowering Progress on the DEI Journey

We are happy to announce a new partnership with DEI Club! 

Denominator, as DEI data vendor partner, will be joining many other DEI partners on the DEI Club platform, working to help professionals and allies within Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion. 

 Why DEI Club? 

In an ever-changing landscape, where the importance of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion is increasingly recognized, DEI Club steps forward as a beacon of support for professionals dedicated to improving DEI in organizations. Their mission is to bring DEI professionals together; creating a dynamic community that learns from and inspires one another. The platform also highlights DEI solutions, support, research and events available for those working within the field. 

 “To turn ambition into impact, practitioners must be able to draw on the experience of others, on the most relevant tools and practices, and on the latest insights about what works, when they need it.  DEI Club was created to make the people working with DEI in organizations more impactful – by harnessing the power of community.” Cecilie Rosengreen Kringel, founder of DEI Club. 

The fast-growing platform functions as a one-stop gateway to the evolving DEI ecosystem, supporting DEI professionals throughout the entire DEI lifecycle – from inception and goal setting to ongoing reinforcement, stakeholder alignment, and impact tracking. 

 The Power of Data-Driven Insights  

 Denominator is glad to be counted as one of the newest partners contributing to the shared commitment to DEI. Denominator´s dedication lies in supporting both organizations and DEI professionals in their work with DEI, through fact-based and comprehensive DEI data, ratings, and benchmarking. Denominator’s approach centers DEI data-driven insights, allowing organizations to make informed decisions, set meaningful DEI goals, as well as measure their DEI efforts and progress.  

 As Denominator and DEI Club embark on this new journey together, we are honoured to continue playing a part in empowering organizations and DEI professionals in their transformative DEI goals. Using the power of community, data-driven insights, and shared experiences to drive sustainable changes, as well as making the world a more inclusive and equitable place for many more people. 

 Stay tuned in September for our upcoming webinar together on the DEI Club platform!  

Learn more about DEI Club: 


Founder: Cecilie Rosengreen Kringel  


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