Bridging Divides: Reflections on Denominator’s Presence at WEF 2024 in Davos

The World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos, held from January 15-19, 2024, provided a platform for global leaders to address pressing issues and explore collaborative solutions.  

For Denominator, Davos took-off with the unveiling of a special edition for the CSO Awards /24 in collaboration with futur/io. Anders Rodenberg, CEO of Denominator, highlighted the significance of including the People component in sustainability conversations. The special edition emphasized that sustainability efforts should encompass both People and the Planet, with a renewed focus on historical data availability and the evolving tools and data for understanding the People side. 

To explore the insights from a people perspective and learn more about the companies represented by a CSO nominee, Denominator invites you to delve into the analysis here. 

Denominator emphasized the crucial role of empowered accountability in rebuilding trust, as part of the Equality Lounge panel hosted by The Female Quotient. A discussion which highlighted the critical connection between COP28’s Global Stocktake and the fundamental leadership traits highlighted at WEF Davos 2024: trust, transparency, and consistency. The discussion emphasizes the pivotal role of data, sustainable digital technology, and information systems in reinforcing accountability.  

Anders Rodenberg also highlighted the importance of trust, transparency, and consistency in leadership, with a specific focus on DEI in retirement investments. Particularly important following the recent findings of a report, created in cooperation with Matter, which analyzed the 12 largest Danish pension funds’ investments and DEI performance. A conversation which further shared Denominator’s dedication to fostering accountability and trust in the realm of DEI. 

This year’s World Economic Forum focused greatly on a world facing multifaceted challenges but where global collaboration amongst people could be a key solution. Our commitment to providing global and social DEI data aligns with the shared objectives of creating a more interconnected and fair global community. By leveraging data-driven insights, Denominator continues to contribute to the creation of more inclusive environments, environments which promote equity across sectors.

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