Denominator partners with Crux to integrate DEI data in ESG initiatives

Recently, our CEO Anders Rodenberg sat down with Crux and shared what makes Denominator a great option for consumers looking for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) data as part of their ESG initiatives.

Denominator maintains a global database of DEI data that covers more than 1.7 million public and private companies across 85+ industries and 190+ countries. With a holistic approach to DEI, we use data to score organizations across 15 dimensions of DEI, so for example investment managers or supply chain officers can pick and choose their investments/suppliers accordingly.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion are different across the globe, and Denominator is sure to capture that in their scoring processes. We track statistics across 650+ DEI specific variables such as gender, race, age, disability, education, DEI pay gaps etc. on both company, leadership, board, and industry level.

“We see Crux is solving the challenges of bringing in external data and linking external data into various environments. And that’s essentially what we need to do because we have a unique, specialized dataset.” – Anders Rodenberg, Denominator CEO

Denominator was recently featured in Crux’s ESG Starter Pack for social and governance data as a great resource for social data. Rodenberg summarized the need for these datasets well when asked about the uniqueness of Denominator. “I think within the ESG area there’s been a large focus on the environmental piece. So it’s really around water, biodiversity, or carbon emissions. But the S and the G, to some degree, has sort of been overlooked, and this is really where the Denominator data is very unique and fits in.”

Hear why we are partnering with Crux in the interview below.

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