Denominator Joins Amass Insights’ Alternative Data Platform

New York (2/7/2023) – We’re pleased to announce Denominator as the newest member of Amass Insights’ alternative data platform. Amass Insights focuses on offering value-generating datasets pertaining to their users’ unique research objectives. Denominator will be the first ESG-focused data provider on their platform.

Integrating Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion into the Investment Process

As ESG risks are increasingly becoming material to business operations, institutional investors need to ensure they have granular and comparable ESG data on their portfolio companies. While the aggregated scoring of the E, S, and the G have been scrutinized for a lack of granularity on the individual ESG dimensions, the demand for specialized data providers has grown.

Although separated data on the ESG dimensions have been largely sought after, there has been a significant lack of globally comparable ‘S’ data available to investors. Denominator’s global database on Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) fills this gap and allows investors to actively integrate DEI considerations in their investment process through DEI performance and exposure analysis on portfolios, stewardship and engagement practices, thematic investment products, and regulatory compliance.

Why Denominator and Amass Insights Have Partnered

Denominator and Amass Insights are excited to partner to provide Amass Insights’ users with a unique dataset to generate value in their investments while opening an alternative channel of investors to Denominator. We believe that the combination of Denominator’s DEI dataset with Amass Insights’ services will be highly beneficial for both parties.

“This new partnership with Amass Insights provides Denominator with access to an emerging new market for ESG data, and we’re excited to provide value to Amass Insights’ users through global Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion data for a long time to come.” – Anders Rodenberg, CEO of Denominator

“We are excited to add an innovative, new ESG-focused dataset from Denominator to our unique crypto-powered data marketplace. It has been exceptionally hard to find data that illuminates the ‘S’ in ESG, covering the social aspects of companies. Denominator’s laser focus on DEI and impressive data quality sets them apart from the competition and should be attractive to a wide range of Amass Insights’ users and investors.”  – Jordan Hauer, Co-Founder of Amass Insights

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