Impact Insider | Denominator: New access to data will revolutionize companies’ social sustainability

“Data changes capital flows through decisions, and it is one of the best ways to create change. If we change the capital flows, we get very quick results.” Anders A. L. Rodenberg said to Impact Insider in a recent interview.

Today, it is difficult as a consumer or investor to know whether you are dealing with a company that prioritizes, for example, gender equality or the inclusion of race/ethnicity minorities.

“When that is the starting point, it is difficult to know if there is a problem – and if there is, how big the problem is. You can’t have the discussion at all.”

It was the same way with companies’ environmental and climate efforts a few years ago.

“If you asked five or six years ago how much had been invested in oil and gas, the answer was that we don’t know. Today, it would be difficult to imagine such an answer,” says Anders A. L. Rodenberg:

“We have now reached a level of maturity where we can talk about where the threshold for investments in fossil fuels should be. Is it zero percent? Should it be 10 percent? And that opens the conversation about using your ownership to push a company in a certain direction.”

Read the full interview by Carsten Terp via this link (article is originally in Danish).

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