Denominator x UNGA78 & Climate Week 2023 in New York: A Recap

For the third consecutive year, Denominator, represented by CEO Anders Rodenberg and Kristian Wredstroem, partook in yet another successful annual Climate Week and UNGA78.

Due to the crucial role that DEI data plays in a variety of contexts, Denominator was both invited and present at a wide range of events and discussions. Ranging from; Nasdaq, S&P, Women in Climate, SDGs in Brazil, Leaders on Purpose CEO Summit, Forbes, Mastercard’s Stage of Impact to Maternity Foundation and more.

During the events, Denominator was also invited to take part in important discussions, shedding light on the key perspectives represented by the ‘S’ in ESG. Moody’s, valuing this perspective, extended a special invitation to our CEO, Anders Rodenberg, to provide insights during a presentation titled ‘Shifting Tides: Exploring the Hispanic/Latino Impact on Changing Demographics in the Labor Force.’ A befitting topic to highlight during the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.

DEI data was once again the focal point when Denominator was later interviewed by Forbes, to help shed light on how data transparency can create more black and Latinx impact investors. A conversation that discussed the evolving investment landscape and the role enhanced data transparency plays in empowering women and individuals from diverse backgrounds to safeguard their retirement investments from companies that do not prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

These various events and discussions highlighted the significance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Emphasizing that people consistently play a pivotal role in driving change.

Some Key Takeaways from This Year’s UNGA78 and Climate Week:

  • Generative AI can both be the opportunity to increase economic equality as well as the source of an even greater global divide between Humans with AI and Humans without AI.
  • Financial Inclusion is a core value at Mastercard and incorporated into their product and AI strategy.
  • Investing in women across the world is a billion-dollar opportunity that both generates climate and social benefits.
  • People are the driving force behind the green transition, and we must therefore ensure a just and equitable transition.

The end of both Climate Week and UNGA78, marks another beginning, where commitments, accumulated knowledge and goals are to be transformed into measurable change. Change that Denominator continues to take lead in from a DEI data & insight perspective.

Learn more about Denominator´s DEI solutions and how they can empower your DEI decision-making and commitments here.

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