Count Down to COP28: Third year of measuring gender and DEI performance powered by Denominator and the Female Quotient

Denominator is gearing up for its third remarkable journey to COP28 in Dubai. With each passing year, our presence at this event has grown more exciting and substantial, reflecting the continuous expansion of our company and its influence. 

Throughout our COP journey, Denominator has maintained an unswerving commitment to advancing transparency and accountability within Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion. As we prepare for COP28, we are thrilled to carry forward this mission with an even larger team by our side. First, let us look back at the pivotal role Denominator’s global DEI data has played in past COP events:

COP26: Pioneering the Path to Net Zero Economy 

 At COP26 in Glasgow, our CEO, Anders Rodenberg, witnessed a significant shift in the fight against climate change. while political outcomes were moderate, the presence of private corporations and finance marked a turning point. The private sector had embraced the goal of achieving a Net Zero Economy by 2050 and was actively investing in the necessary actions and financing to make it a reality. 

While most sessions primarily focused on environmental aspects, Denominator’s focus on the social aspect of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) was evident. As governments and corporations scaled up climate solutions, questions about the social consequences and impacts emerged as central concerns. Data became the linchpin in addressing these questions. 

Denominator shared its data and findings at various events, with the Equality Lounge at COP26 on Gender and Diversity Day being a highlight. Denominator’s holistic data shed light on DEI performance among Race to Zero committed companies and highlighted the importance of gender representation in board and executive positions. 

COP27: Championing DEI at Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt 

Our journey continued in COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, where Denominator participated in engaging discussions, once again, organized by the Female Quotient. Our data and insights were instrumental in two panel conversations: “Women Leading the Energy Transition” and “How Women are Driving Electrification Adoption and Accessibility.”  

In the first panel, Denominator’s comprehensive DEI data revealed that globally, women hold less than 25% of board and executive leadership positions across all industries. Even among “race-to-zero” companies, women’s representation at the executive level was the same, highlighting the need for greater diversity.  

 Denominator at COP28: Shaping a Sustainable and Inclusive Future 

As Denominator prepares to embark on its third journey to COP28 in Dubai, we bring with us the invaluable lessons garnered from our participation in previous COP events. Denominator’s unwavering commitment to data-driven insights continues to guide our mission. 

In Dubai, Denominator will be engaging actively in the discussions, solutions, and events related to COP28’s diverse themes. We will also be sharing data-driven DEI content and insights in alignment with the COP28’s core topics, as well as partnering once again with Female Quotient. We are once again excited to contribute to these important conversations, all aimed at advancing Denominator commitment to contributing to a more equitable future for as many people as possible. 

This year, Denominator will be represented by a team of five individuals, including CEO, Anders Rodenberg, Kristian Wredstroem, Emma Helbo, Paolo Bettoni and Yasser Elsedawy. This expanded and stronger presence and team will be even more well-equipped to actively participate in events, foster collaborations, and engage in speaking engagements. 

If you wish to connect with Denominator during COP28, please don’t hesitate to reach out directly on LinkedIn or send your inquiries to the following email address: We look forward to connecting and collaborating with you at the event. 

Stay tuned for daily updates and digests live from COP28 as Denominator continues its mission to empower decision-makers in DEI and ESG, all working towards a more inclusive and sustainable world.

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