COP27: Is green also good for people?

Last week, we joined climate and industry leaders at the Hub Culture Climate Pavilion in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt for another great Female Quotient event at COP7. Denominator contributed data and insights to the two panel conversations: Women Leading the Energy Transition and How Women are Driving Electrification Adoption and Accessibility.

For the first panel on Women Leading the Energy Transition, we shared data showing that globally and across all industries, women currently represent less than 25% in Board and Executive leadership positions. Zooming into ‘race-to-zero’ companies, on Executive leadership positions women are represented at the same ratio, however, they on average have 31% of women on Boards.

For the How Women are Driving Electrification Adoption and Accessibility panel, Denominator shared data indicating that the transportation sector has significant work to do catching up with global average DEI performance and that within the transportation sector broadly. Women in Board and/or Executive leadership positions are most represented in the road/rail transport industry, which is currently leading DEI throughout the sector, and least represented in the water transportation industry.

Many thanks to Female Quotient and Hub Culture for a successful event. We are glad to have had the opportunity to share our data and contribute with important insights to essential discussions for the future of our world and global community.

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