Denominator launches partnership with the Boardroom

We are excited to announce our new partnership with the Boardroom, the first private cub for women executives who aspire to be board members. Current members count 455 executives across 180 companies, 32 nationalities, and various industries with local chapters in Belgium, Denmark, France, Greece, Switzerland, and UK!

”At the Boardroom, we believe in the power of data, recognizing that you cannot improve what you cannot measure. With Denominator as our strategic partner, we are now better positioned to drive meaningful change in boardrooms where diverse voices thrive.

A special thank you to Denominator and CEO Anders Rodenberg for their significant contribution. We look forward to the incredible possibilities this partnership will bring.” Founder & CEO of the Boardroom, Diana Markaki.

Denominator is excited for this partnership, as more women on boards is not only good for equality, but also financial performance. For the second year, Denominator provided data on 3,100 Moody’s rated companies to investigate the correlation between board gender diversity and credit quality globally. The report finds a positive correlation in advanced economics and can be found here.

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