COP26: How we can fight climate changes without compromising DEI

For the last two weeks, Denominator participated in COP26 – UN Climate Change Conference which was full of amazing events, sessions, and meetings. 

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) is the bedrock for viable solutions to the climate crisis and a new zero economy. We are excited that Gender and Diversity were highlighted as a main theme during this year’s conference.

On November 9th, the dedicated Gender and Diversity Day, Denominator participated at EQUALITY LOUNGE® @ COP26. Anders was one of the opening speakers, joined by

Denominator also provided DEI industry data for various sessions to enable data-driven conversations and panels. Anders also joined a session on Digitalization for Sustainable Future, with

Our CEO, Anders A. L. Rodenberg, was also interviewed for TEDx about Diversity & Inclusion and the role of the “S” in ESG.

It was great to meet so many inspiring people and foundations have been made for a number of partnerships. In general, Denominator’s DEI data and scores have been very well received at COP26 and especially our focus on the Social aspect of ESG resonates well. Solutions to the climate crisis need to be both inclusive and equitable.

COP26 was a great success for Denominator and we can not wait for next year’s!

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