THS Armada: Largest career fair in Scandinavia at KTH Royal Institute of Technology – How does the Diversity & Green companies perform on DEI compared to the Swedish average?

In 1981, someone realized that students from KTH and their future employers needed a place to meet. And so they arranged the first ever Armada Fair. 39 years later, THS Armada has become the largest student driven project at KTH.

It is never too early to care about Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion… Today, Anna Riese is in Sweden at the largest career fair in Scandinavia at KTH Royal Institute of Technology connecting with innovative students and future decisions makers. Every year, more than 12,000 of Sweden’s top engineering and architectural students flock to visit the fair to meet their future employers.

The Fair is a two day event with companies from all over the world and Denominator has ranked companies in the Diversity & Green room on their DEI performance. Based on selected DEI dimensions, companies in the Diversity & Green room tend to perform better than the Swedish Average – especially on gender and sexuality.

If you are at the fair, please make sure to stop by Anna to hear more about measuring DEI data and scores globally as well as working at Denominator, an international company with team members across the globe. We are on a mission to bring transparency to DEI and always open for connecting with people, who see themselves joining our journey.

Read more about the ranking of the Diversity & Green companies compared to the Swedish Average here: THS Armada 2023: Diversity & Green Companies ranked on DEI performance

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