Is Youth Representation in Decision-Making a Global Challenge? An age gap of 2-3 decades between average age on population and top leadership

Are the voices of the youth, who represent the future, adequately represented in key decision-making roles?

Denominator’s analysis of future leader’s balanced representation (or lack thereof) sheds light on the disparities between the average age of individuals in Executive and Board positions and the median age of the entire population in their respective regions.

Globally, the median age stands at 31, contrasting with an average Board age of 59 and an average Executive age of 55 years (not much variation across regions). This reveals a notable three to two-decade gap between those in roles of power shaping significant decisions and the demographic group most likely to bear the consequences of those decisions.

In areas like Europe and parts of Northern America, where the population skews older, the age disparities are comparatively narrower. In contrast, regions with younger populations, such as Africa, the Middle East, and Oceania, witness more substantial gaps. Emphasizing the need for a more inclusive representation of the youth in roles where important decisions are made.

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