COP28 Recap: Showcasing Denominator’s Global Social Impact and DEI Data and a New Report on DEI in ESG & Sustainability US Funds

And that wraps up Denominator’s third COP conference! Gathered from four different corners, a bigger team than before, 5 members of team Denominator arrived at COP28!

Our first official day at COP28 was spent in the company of The Wall Street Journal, at their event at the Journal House. During this gathering, Kristian Wredstroem engaged in a round table lunch alongside Chief Sustainability Officers representing diverse countries and industries.

In addition to this, Denominator’s CEO, Anders Rodenberg, was invited to a dinner hosted by Mastercard’s Chief Sustainability Officers, Ellen Jackowski, at Goals House as well as a round table organized by EY.  

Furthermore, our team also joined venues and events such as the Green Zone, World Climate Summit, the Innovation Zone, Bloomberg Green, Accenture, as well as receptions hosted by the Danish Embassy in UAE and more. 


Since COP26 in Glasgow, Denominator and The Female Quotient have been measuring and following the progress of performance within Gender Equality and Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion within sustainability. This year was no different, with a full day of panels at the Equality Lounge focused on DEI. However, this year Denominator delivered DEI insights to kick off each one of the sessions. You can find all insights here and watch the livestreams of selected sessions on Denominator’s YouTube channel here. 

Highlighting global DEI insights through quantifiable data at the many events and panels, was not the only time that Denominator got to share key DEI insights with great implications.  

The publication of a new report on DEI in ESG & Sustainability Funds in US 

During COP28 Denominator also released a new report centring on the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion performance of U.S. funds dedicated to ESG and Sustainability.  A report which signifies the initial step towards introducing a thorough and uniformed DEI benchmark product for funds worldwide, encompassing both ESG and non-ESG focused portfolios. The report and its key findings can be downloaded here. 

COP28’s closing for a new beginning: 

COP presents a remarkable chance to participate in an event that gathers influential global change-makers, encompassing both individuals and organizations dedicated to translating vision into tangible actions, for a more equitable world. Furthermore, it provides an invaluable opportunity for in-person collaboration with Denominator’s esteemed partners and colleagues. 

The conclusion of COP28 marked a pivotal moment as political agreements were recalibrated to pave the way for a more sustainable future. Notably, a critical commitment emerged to initiate the phasing out of fossil fuel usage, accompanied by increased investments in renewable energies. Amidst the many goals and agreements, the social dimension of ESG becomes even more apparent – highlighting the indispensable role that people play in championing, leading, executing, and ensuring the success of the many goals for this year’s COP28. 

Denominator remains commitment to advancing ESG goals through its comprehensive global and social DEI data. This commitment reflects a holistic approach that seamlessly integrates the crucial social dimension of ESG. By championing Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Denominator actively empowers leaders and investors who play pivotal roles in driving, guiding, and executing these ambitious goals. The use of DEI data is instrumental in ensuring the representation of diverse perspectives and approaches to climate change problem-solving, thereby fortifying the foundation for success for the many initiatives. 

Denominator’s DEI data support the shaping of a sustainable and socially responsible future where ESG initiatives are not only environmentally sound but also socially accountable and transparent. Fostering a more collectively inclusive commitment to positive change. 

To learn more about Denominator’s global and social DEI data, scoring and ratings, do not hesitate to reach out at or fill in the form below. 

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