Denominator’s 2023 Recap: A Year of Remarkable Milestones

As we reflect on Denominators closing of 2023, from great partnerships and collaborations to international and local recognitions, this year has been a year of growth and even more central role within both Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, and the social aspect of ESG. There are too many events, publications, and milestones to mention, but below are a few of Denominator’s moments during the extraordinary 2023 journey.  

Q1: Starting Strong  

Denominator DEI data was used to measuring Børsen’s rank of the largest 100 companies in Denmark. Denominator also brought its DEI data to the World Economic Forum and the Female Quotient’s Equality Lounge at Davos. Additionally, Denominator expanded its reach through strategic partnerships with Demyst, Crux, Amass Insights, and Round 

The quarter was marked by active participation in International Women’s Day (IWD) with collaborations with Themis, Matter and MIS for a report on the correlation between gender diversity on boards and credit quality. Furthermore, in connection with IWD, Denominator’s CEO, Anders Rodenberg, met with the Danish Minister for Digital Governance and Gender Equality, Marie Bjerre, for a great conversation in NYC. 

Q2: Knowledge Sharing and Benchmarking Success 

Denominator hosted a webinar with Manaos and HSBC Asset Management on DEI and the new focus of Principles for Responsible Invest (PRI) and latest trend in investment management. Denominator also extended the DEI efforts globally and participated in events in the Nordic such as; with our partner Above & Beyond’s annual Womenomics and Diversity Charter signing event with a following invitation as speaker for a webinar on DEI. 

Denominator’s comprehensive DEI data was once again featured in a MIS report on the correlation between Race/Ethnicity on boards and Moody’s credit risk ratings. Finishing off the quarter successfully by attending Responsible Investor Europe in London. 

Q3: Celebrating Sports, Collaborations, and Social Responsibility 

Denominator used its DEI data to predict the FIFA Women’s World Cup winner based on DEI performance. The month also included a company gathering with the Growth Team in Copenhagen, fostering both team spirit and an opportunity to work together in person, both with older and new employees. Denominator also participated in the yearly Copenhagen DHL Relay.  

Denominator was featured in the Capital Markets Emerging Fintech Spotlight by Datos Insights, highlighting Denominator’s industry leading contributions. The quarter also included a G20 DEI report, a collaboration between Denominator, the Female Quotient, and Values 20. This quarter also saw the successful closing of an important seed-investment for the company before heading off to Climate Week and UNGA.
Q4: Chart-Topping Recognition, Team Growth, and Ending on a High Note 

In October, Denominator’s influence extended globally with a sit-down interview with Forbes on DEI data transparency and impact investing. The same month, Denominator secured the top spot in the Chartis RiskTech Quadrant® ESG data solution 2023, ranking #1 for completeness of the offering. Moreover, Denominator welcomed new team members to the sales team to expand its growing impact. Denominator’s data was also incorporated in the ranking of Financial Times’ Diversity Leaders list.   

As the year is closing, Denominator made its mark at COP28, contributing to crucial conversations on the importance of S in ESG for better climate change outcomes. Denominator’s DEI data was also featured on Danish national broadcast TV, and we released a new report on DEI in ESG & Sustainability of US funds 

End on Top 

Denominator is ending 2023 on a high note, leaving a year of achievements and a steadfast commitment to drive and facilitate the optimization of capital flows through investment, consumer, and employment decisions.  

In conclusion, 2023 has been a year of remarkable achievements and impactful partnerships and initiatives for Denominator. As Denominator looks to the future, the achievements in 2023 serve as a solid foundation for continued growth and democratization of capital flows. Stay tuned as we already have some key events, collaborations, and launches lined up for 2024 around pension investments, Davos, fund allocations, supply chain impact and much more. 

Lastly, a big thank you to everyone who made this year a remarkable one; from existing to new partners, our clients and the amazing global #TeamDenominator! 

See you all in 2024 for bigger and greater things! 

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