Denominator’s recap of 2022

2022 is coming to an end. When we look back on a troubled year with wars, energy crisis, inflation, and a lot of uncertainty, we remain optimistic about our mission. Our DEI data has been used in articles, interviews, and academic papers, and requested at multiple speaking events around the world. We have established new partner and client relationships and it is great to see the innovative ways in which the data is used and incorporated. Thus, from a business perspective, 2022 was a strong performing year.

The database now covers more than 1.7 million companies around the world and we have implemented two new scoring methodologies. One is a specific SME-model for a better cross-border comparison of smaller and medium-sized entities – such as for example smaller vendors, or PE + VC’s portfolio companies.

We have also expanded our team with passionate, diverse, and creative minds. During the summer, we had the pleasure of Anna Riese being our first Summer Intern and you can read about Anna’s experience here. We strongly believe in giving good talent possibilities and therefore, we are excited to welcome new team members as our growth continues.

Denominator reached 1K+ followers on LinkedIn within one year by organic growth. We are happy that so many people want to follow our journey and be inspired by our data and insights.

Denominator’s data increases the knowledge of DEI

Throughout the last year, Denominator’s data has been featured in many interesting reports and articles. To mention a few; Børsen, the leading business paper in Denmark, wrote and used our data in 3 articles around LGTBQ+, Race/Ethnicity in Executive and Board rooms, and one on the educational background of the executives and board members. A piece published in collaboration with the Global Goals on International Women’s day, is more common than the total number of female CEOs and that ”Michael” is more frequent than racial minority females among all senior executives in North America. We continued to provide the data for the report on Corporate Board Diversity, Inclusion, and Representation in Illinois, which the Chicago Sun Times wrote a great article about. A last example is a Stockholm School of Economics paper investigating potential diversity washing in S&P500 companies.

New partnerships and speaking engagements

During the year we built new client and partner relationships. While cannot publicly mention all, you can read about some like Above & BeyondFINBOURNERimes, and Manaos. What is common between our relationships is that they all aim to empower businesses and investors to make better and more inclusive decisions by using DEI data and scores. Moreover, we are proud to have relationships around the world. Much more to come on this topic in 2023.

This year we also became a member of FISD, which is the Global Forum of the Financial Information Industry. We had many  speaking engagements in New York, Toronto, Prague, and the upcoming on January 25th 2023 in the Netherlands. We also participated and spoke at the World Economic Forum 2022, UN Global Assembly in New York,  Womenomics 2022, and COP27 in Egypt to mention some. All of this is obviously important in order to drive the agenda of DEI forward, and to show the power of working with data and insights.

See you in 2023

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion is a central topic in most large organizations’ executive and board room discussions and a top priority for many companies. This is for good reasons as DEI is key to attracting and keeping the best talent, and investors include DEI in their investment decisions. This was highlighted by UN’s Principle of Responsible Investment publication of DEI as Key Action Areas for Investors. This is encouraging, and we look forward to following the developments in 2023.

While leaving the great year of 2022, we are excited to step into 2023. We have many exciting announcements to come and cannot wait to share them with you.

We wish you all a happy new year!
Team Denominator

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